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Product Description

Prolong is an insecticide used for the control of cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, silverfish, bedbugs, litter beetles and mosquitoes. Prolong contains Cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that has been specifically designed to control litter beetles in poultry sheds and flies around farm buildings.

Litter beetles are a serious pest in the poultry industry, damaging the infrastructure in sheds which can last a lifetime. Litter beetles can also carry harmful disease, such as Marek's and Newcastle disease, and birds full from eating beetles are poor performers. An estimated 2 million beetles inhabit an average size poultry shed.

Prolong can be used in commercial and industrial premises, meatworks, (non-product areas), farm buildings, feedlots, animal houses, food processing plants, shops, offices, factories, storerooms, hospitals, schools, barracks, houses and ships for the control of common pests.

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Active Constituents

Cyfluthrin 100g/kg

Product Benefits

  • Highly effective residual insecticidal spray

  • Cost effective control of pests

  • Specifically designed for control of litter beetles in poultry sheds and flies around farmsheds

  • User friendly - approx 1 sachet /50L water per poultry shed

  • Low toxicity for both poultry and farm hands

  • Declared fit for use in export meat works (non-product areas)

Directions for Use

For surface treatment only.


Add the contents of the sachet directly to the required amount of water while stirring.

For control of cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, silverfish and bedbugs, mix 100g into 25 - 50L of water. Use the higher rate of 100g / 25L when premises are contaminated by grease or dirt. 

For control of spiders and ants, mix 100g per 25L of water.

Thoroughly spray common pest areas until point of run-off. If hiding places are not directly accessible, spray barrier strips around them. Effective for many weeks on inert, sheltered surfaces. Repeat treatment as required.

For control of litter beetles in poultry sheds, mix 100g per 50L of water and apply at a rate of 1L per 10m2. Treat when litter is being totally replaced. Remove all old litter from shed and apply to walls, ceilings and floor. Do not replace litter until shed is thoroughly dry.

For control of flies in rubbish tips, mix 100g per 400L of water to use as a knockdown spray. Spray surface of rubbish tip and other surfaces where flies congregate. Apply 200-300mL of spray per m2.

Caution: Do not spray into air. After use, thoroughly ventilate treated area. 

Pack Size

100g sachet


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