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As a farmer it is critical that you understand the true cost of business and the efficiencies that can be gained through economic modelling and operational productivities.

The calculators below have been put together to arm you with the information to assist in the successful running of your farm. If you have ideas for other tools that would be beneficial don't hesitate to get in touch with our advisory team.

Calculate the cost of sheep lice

This calculator is designed to help you estimate the financial impact of lice on your flock.

Pain Relief Pays

Work out the estimated cost of pain relief per lamb and the estimated value of a lamb under 10 months.

Economic Model Beef Production

This comprehensive tool allows you to create an economic model for your beef production utilising Cue-Mate® and FTAI vs. natural joining.

Economic Modelling

This calculator allows you to work out a more basic economic model based on herd size, days of milk per season and other key metrics.

Genetic gain FTAI v.s. Natural Mating

This calculator is for economic model for genetic gain FTAI v.s. Natural Mating. Please follow this link.

Note: currently the calculator is optimised in the Google Chrome browser

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