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Raising healthy lambs over winter

Reproduction Strategy Seminar

Following are tips to help you raise healthy lambs over winter. This involves taking care of the ewe and the lambs.

Taking care of your ewes:

  • Choose the time of joining so feed demand coincides with feed supply
  • Supplement feeding if needed to achieve a ewe condition score of 3
  • Time annual vaccination of ewes 4 to 6 weeks before lambing
  • Avoid shearing too close to joining
  • Avoid dipping heavily pregnant ewes
  • Apply lice control such as Avenge or Piranha soon after shearing but more than 6 weeks before lambing
  • For internal parasite control for ewes in lower condition and grazing contaminated pasture, use a pre-lambing drench appropriate to the time of year

Taking care of your lambs

  • Lambing paddock should have adequate shelter, especially during colder months
  • Provide cleanest paddocks for younger sheep to graze as they are more susceptible to worms
  • Control predators such as foxes to avoid significant loss of lambs
  • Minimise the impact of marking and mulesing and maximise the welfare of lambs by avoiding this procedure during cold weather, providing good hygiene and applying Tri-Solfen for immediate pain relief and antiseptic benefits
  • Provide first vaccination with 6-in-1 vaccine at marking and a booster 4 to 6 weeks later or at weaning and any other necessary vaccines depending on your property
  • Drench your lambs for worms after weaning

For more details, read the article featured in Provet’s Winter 2015 issue of Partners in Practice.


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