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Owls On Farm

Want rodent control with less risk?

Barn owls can control over a 1,000 rodents per year. Other owls such as the Masked Owl and Grass Owl also eat rodents. By encouraging owls to nest on your property you can use a natural predator for rodent control. With low risk to owls, Racumin is the perfect partner.

The facts about killing rats and mice.

Racumin is a multiple feed anticoagulant

  • Anticoagulants interfere with the clotting mechanism in a rodent’s blood. Affected rodents die from internal bleeding.
  • Rodents need to feed on Racumin several times before taking a lethal dose. Racumin is metabolised as it takes effect in the body. When rodents are dying or dead, they pose a very low secondary poisoning risk to a non-target animal. Racumin can be used long term to gain control of a rodent population.
  • Death results in 3 to 8 days after 1st feeding, which is the same for single dose anticoagulants. It is important for baiting to continue for at least 2 weeks to control an average sized population. More dominant rats die first followed by less dominant rats as they gain access to bait.

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