Better Choices

About Better Choices®

Better Choices® is a community of farmers, industry members, retailers, suppliers and consumers who have come together to support Australian farmers who care about the welfare of the animals they raise for meat and fibre production.

As part of the Better Choices® commitment to a better life for livestock, the Better Choices® audited program certifies wool growers who follow an integrated, planned approach to achieve best-practice welfare for husbandry procedures in sheep.

As a consumer, why should I make the Better Choice?

The Better Choices® program assures retailers and consumers that their wool product originated from farms that follow humane, science-based modern production methods for Australian merino sheep and livestock.

As a wool grower, why should I get certified as a Better Choices®?

If you’re a wool producer, the Better Choices® program offers a chance to certify and declare that your wool uses best-practice methods. The program’s certification signposts to members of the community that the production methods you use are in line with the program and importantly you are working to create a better life for livestock.

Join over 3,000 Australian wool growers who have made a Better Choice by using pain relief at mulesing to help manage flystrike.

The Journal of Australian Veterinary Association stated that flystrike is, “a major animal health and welfare problem for sheep production in Australia, estimated to cost A$280m annually”. The Better Choices® community understands the devastating effects of significant flystrike, and while lamb and wool prices are up, it pays to use pain management.

As a wool buyer/ processor, why should I support Better Choices®?

We understand the importance of assuring your customers that the garments they purchase meet high welfare standards. The Better Choices® audited program helps you source and identify high quality merino wool that has originated from farms that follow humane production methods.

Endorse the use of pain management, which in turn creates a better life for livestock and a more sustainable trade.

As an industry member, why should I support Better Choices®?

As an industry member, by supporting the Better Choices® program you are demonstrating your commitment to farmers who have adopted a step wise approach to improved animal welfare.

Become a major supporter for Australian farmers who have made a Better Choice.


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